High School CTF 2024

Mar 1, 2024

Last week, Netsoc had the honour of collaborating with the Ontario Tech Faculty of Business and Information Technology to host a CTF for over 100 high school students from three Ontario schools: Maxwell Heights, SATEC, and Trafalgar Castle.

This half-day CTF included 80 challenges in total and aimed to introduce students to some of the areas covered in the Networking and IT Security program, such as:

  • Networking & subnetting
  • Cryptography & steganography
  • Linux
  • Scripting

Students also got an opportunity to visit some of the labs in the Software and Informatics Research Centre, including the Game Development, Networking, and Security Operations Centre labs.

Huge congratulations to the winning teams from each school!

  • The Pirates (SATEC)
  • maxwellwinners (Maxwell Heights)
  • Trafalgar bugs (Trafalgar Castle)


  • 21 teams
  • 101 user accounts
  • 6338 challenge submissions
  • 855 challenge solves
  • 74/80 challenges solved